Sunday, November 7, 2010

break time!

well. last weekend (i know i'm behind), matt actually had a break. what? i know. a weekend of complete freedom while a slave to med school. we took advantage.

first things first: i went to the apple orchard with my small group of sophomore girls. you could say i was a tad excited.

once home, i decided to start eating healthy (gagfest.). with the apples i got, i soon after made these babies for a fall party we went to. clearly healthy.
carmel apple bars.

then, matt and i made carmel apples! still working on the healthy thing... at least this one involves actual whole apples?

then, matt and i had the time of our lives. ann arbor is a SUPER FUN place to hang out.

we walked around downtown. (word to the wise: don't wear stilettos to walk around downtown ann arbor. i ended up making matt take breaks. he wasn't happy with me. and to make things worse: i got sensitive about it.)

we ate a fun restaurant. 

and then: to top it all off... COMEDY CLUB SHOW. perfect situation. a night of laughter.

i like it when my husband can hang out with me.
makes for a great weekend.

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