Sunday, November 7, 2010

baby central.

i'd say 3/4 of the world is pregnant right now.
or at least 3/4 of the females in my world.
which is still a lot.

so matt and i took a whirlwind trip home to see these little bundles of joy.

let me tell you. they are too cute to handle. but try.

 baby jack! he's perfect.

 i would have stolen him, but then i realized it'd be a lifetime commitment. i'm just not ready for that yet.

 the proud mama! the day after the occasion... she looks good, right? :)

the other babe: abigail! she's three weeks old now, but also incredible. i love her. more than her parents do, probably. okay, maybe not. (i'm kidding. jeez.)

and the other baby! it's impossible to count the number of times matt and i compared actual children to our dog this weekend. people were probably offended, but that's just because they don't realize that bailey is more human than most humans. it's really a compliment.

to end... a confession. this weekend was the FIRST time i've ever held a new, new, newborn. and i was terrified. i fully thought that i'd pick it up, be shocked at how little/light it is, and then would promptly drop the baby.

i played out scenarios where i was basically eradicated from everyone's life.

luckily, matt was my spotter. no dropping.


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  1. - "bailey is more human than most humans"??? that's a lot of human for a dog...
    - i laughed heartily at your newborn fears. i can just picture you getting all worked up about the fear of it being too light. only you.


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