Wednesday, October 27, 2010


spoiler alert.

if you generally get christmas gifts from me, then it's possible you'll know your gift if you read this post.

you have been warned.

i am just SO excited about these crafts that i can't help but share them!

craft #1:
homemade duckies made out of washcloths and sponges.
<grabbed this idea from>

i am in love with them. too bad i have no babies... someday :)

craft #2: homemade cards!
i have never attempted the world of handmade cards before, but i ventured into it and feel that i had at least mild success. i really have been having fun making them. these are a few of my favorites. (i made up the patterns, so if you like them, copy away!)

i plan to use colored card stock and the sewing machine for some later, but being my first time... i figured i'd start simple.

my other crafts would be pretty obvious who they are for: things with names on them, etc.  so, that's it for now!

let the christmas season begin!!!!!!!!
(i'm trying to convince matt that i'm allowed to listen to christmas music once halloween hits. he disagrees. i'm planning to play it anyway... i know he'll melt when he hears the sweet sound of mariah singing about Jesus being born. who wouldn't.)

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  1. WOWWW. NICE work. you're becoming katie barnes! impressive.
    also: i'm with matt on the christmas music. hold out just a litttttle longer.


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