Sunday, November 21, 2010

the season is upon us.

welcome to the season of joy.

i think it's been here for a while, but matt refuses to let me celebrate it.
there's no longer any denying it. it's thanksgiving week, and christmas music is finally my constant companion.

but don't worry, i've been doing more than just listening to christmas music!

bought peppermint ice cream and not cared that it normally makes me sick to eat ice cream.
it's all part of the season.

bought and consumed many peppermint tootsie pops. because they are awesome and only come out this time of the year. 

wrapped a lot of christmas presents. at least a lot to be wrapping mid-november. and i loved every second of it.

i even got matt to buy me a christmas tree during a one-day sale at meijer.

you may ask: "but steph, wouldn't you guys already have a tree?"
answer: yes. and in a one bedroom apartment, more than one is not a logical move.
reason for another: CLASSROOM. yeah buddy. i'm spreading the joy like it's my job. at my job.

next steps: making a fire in the fireplace and having matt let me watch christmas movies.

but before that: this week is thanksgiving. thus i'll be watching the thanksgiving episode from every season of friends.

to get your own taste, here's a season one clipThanksgiving Episode Season 1.


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