Sunday, November 14, 2010


well, friday night i was messing with my blog, attempting to make it look cooler.
matt saw me.
and then, my ability to be involved promptly ended.
or was at least significantly diminished.

it became his world to edit, change, and blah blah blahhhh this thing.
but it looks good.

in the middle of editing, i made dinner.
super tasty foil pack chicken fajitas!
(that picture isn't mine, it's from mine wouldn't be caught dead with sour cream on it. yuck. sour cream is like lard)

but during dinner, not a word out of matt's mouth had to do with anything except this blog. even when i intentionally changed the topic.

he's got a technology problem.
but it worked to my benefit this time, i think.
thanks, husband.

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