Sunday, October 3, 2010

i am not good at being sick.

i'm sick. i finally admit it. i was being monica about it yesterday, but i've accepted it.
(watch Sick Monica to understand what i'm talking about).

i can't stop sneezing and coughing.
my nose is stuffed.
i can't sleep because i can't breathe.
i have a fever.

though i'm sick, i can't stop doing things. i'm just not good at sitting still and relaxing. here are the things i've done:

SUPER homemade pizza.
on accident. i decided on pizza for dinner, then realized i didn't have a pre-made crust, so i made one from scratch. i realized i had no pizza sauce, so i made my own. then, added green peppers from eastern market and pepperonis. an accidental homemade pizza!

then, i had extra pizza sauce... i looked it up online, and they said to freeze the sauce in ice cube trays. NARSTYYY. but apparently more simple... you just pop out a cube or two to make another pizza. so, if you come over, you may want to check that i put ice cubes in your drink rather than pizza sauce cubes.

next, i made 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies. i forgot to take pics, but it was a LOT of cookies. for many different things in the next week, i need cookies. took it all out in one blow.

i decided to start sewing again, and here's what i created:

i made a french apron!! i LOVE it.

i am so proud of myself!

i also read this AMAZING book... i highly recommend it. it's all about the power of the Holy Spirit and how we forget/ignore that part of the Deity.

then, i cleaned the whole apartment, made matt many meals, and countless other small things to take up time.

i am not good at being sick. i can't get enough of projects.

i hope i get better soon, or matt's going to get mad at me for not sitting. yikes-a-roni.

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  1. the apron turned out adorable! &I can not believe the ice cube tray thing hahaha who would have thought?


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