Thursday, October 21, 2010


well. it was about time i lost my going-to-a-real-concert-where-i-know-the-music-and-paid-a-decent-amount-to-be-here virginity.

it was the perfect situation.
beautiful location: royal oak music theater.
incredible band (in my top 3 for sure): guster
brand new CD. plus a bunch of old songs.

plus, we were approximately third row. and at the end, they came up super close and sang acapella... and we could have touched them.

ohmygosh i loved every moment.

so, that was a big day in the life of me.

other things from lately:
made the best cookies i've ever made... i'm pretty proud.

peanut butter cookies... from the recipe on the trick? roll them in sugar and make the indentations with the fork. cook until they just start getting golden brown. holy crap. they're DELICIOUS. if i do say so myself. (...side note... the recipe makes like 5 dozen. something i didn't realize before starting. thus: we have many frozen peanut butter cookies for a rainy day.).

oh yeah. they were eaten by many-a sophomore boys and girls from our church. they can vouch. you should make these.

coming soon: 
-all day saturday craft day with a friend. making christmas presents and other random crafts. pictures to come, i have a feeling.
-field trip to the apple orchard tomorrow. translation: buying extra apples for homemade applesauce. mmmmmmmmmm.

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