Tuesday, September 28, 2010


really, just catching up. not the condiment.
i've been busy, therefore slacking on the blogging.
but, i've returned for a much-too-long-and-possibly-annoying blog all about FOOD.

i hope you're ready. here we go.

this trash. homemade chipotle chicken panini.
it may not look like much, but this sandwich is incredible, and you should try it.

1. grill chicken in strips with some fresh cilantro (fresh cilantro makes everything better).
2. make homemade chipotle mayo by mixing light miracle whip with chili powder, fresh cilantro again (or parsley), and a little chipotle chili (if you have them).
3. brush the outsides of the bread with olive oil, pile the chipotle mayo on, chicken, pepper jack or monterey jack cheese, more fresh cilantro, and grill that thing.

the results are delectable. i promise.

on to the next food experience...

(okay. the pictures went in sideways and i couldn't work with them. i feel confident it's user error. just let it go.)

an amazing new restaurant we discovered... just down the road from us! incredible soups, salads, and sandwiches. basically a panera that is somewhat less-chainified. even though i think it's also a chain.
we loved it.
you're looking at delicious vegetable soup and asian salad for me, chicken pot pie soup and steak-and-gorgonzola sandwich for matt. deeeeeeeeeeelish.

next up...

STEAK. that's right... i made steak. for the second time in our marriage. the first was for valentine's day, this one was for... no reason. actually, i got accepted to grad school today, so midway through dinner, we decided that's what we were celebrating.

all i have to say about this: i broiled it in the oven, and though people say it's not juicy that way, it was incredible. just do it right: sear it first, let it sit, etc. it'll work out wonderfully. ours did. with rice pilaf, baguettes, and salad. chaaaa-ching.

and last but not least...

straight-from-korea chopsticks for kids!
they have finger holes and are amazing. i have a few students from korea, and they use these nearly every day for lunch. i love them! i would love to have some and use them for every meal. what a way to make eating even more exciting. and you'd feel like you earn each bite a little more.

that's it. my world this post is food.
appropriate, because i'd say 65% of what matt and i talk about is food. and i'm not ashamed to admit it. we are food lovers through and through.

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  1. loved all of it. a few comments:
    1. are those chopsticks accommodating to leems?
    2. that sandwhich looks delish.
    3. john stamos is on glee right now. making it a funny show just because of him.
    love you.


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