Wednesday, July 3, 2013

fun. and food. and fun food.

first, fun.
 micah taking a bath. sir splash a lot.
oh, so many jokes that could be made.
so little time.
let's just say... he loves all sorts of milk jugs.
i apologize. i just couldn't help myself. he walked into that one, right?
 matt's an m.d. and has a cool white coat.
i got micah an art table. 
for an amazing price at a resale shop... 
even though it was brand new.
and i made an art piece for our living room!
lyrics from come thou fount.
one of my favorites... and we had it in our wedding!
i stenciled each letter on the canvas. 
one by one, taping them down.
with regular acrylic paint and a sponge brush.
you should make one.
but, beware, it takes a while.

now, food.
two new things...
1. baked fajitas.
so good! from here.
2. chocolate chip cookie bars.
i forgot to take a picture.
but holy cow... they're good. and a huge perk of cookie bars? one batch. so much easier than a bunch of batches of cookies!
i got the recipe from here.

last, but not least... fun food.
matt randomly got a night off. 
instant reaction: babysitter!

apparently, the restaurant is known for fried pickles.
i know.
but how could we not try them?
turns out... they're delicious.
but be warned. you will bloat. it may not be pretty. but it will be worth it.
 the burger we split?
topped with pulled pork, cheese, and coleslaw.
say whaaaat.

 as it turns out, life as a stay at home mom can be pretty grand.

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