Wednesday, July 24, 2013

making our house a home.

well... the crafts continue!

normally i steal craft ideas from pinterest.
but i actually stole this one from my friend katie. who got it from pinterest.
we just went to menards, got a bunch of paint chips, cut them up, glued onto scrapbook paper and put in a frame! i added day of the week headers and use dry erase markers. it's great!

and i really wanted micah 6:8 in micah's room... 
since it's the reason we named him micah.

quick tutorial for chevron? okay.
measure out 2 inch squares and draw them all in lightly with pencil. then, you just use a straightedge to make diagonal lines and you've got the chevron pattern.

people say to tape it. that would take for.ever.
so just be careful. i didn't use tape and used a sponge brush and the lines are pretty good!
i did a thicker canvas in the middle.
and then i wrote the words in pencil and carefully, painstakingly painted them on.

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