Wednesday, July 24, 2013

not-so-desperate housewife

welp, i'm a stay at home mom.

here are some goals for myself:
1. love life with micah.
2. make lots of friends.
3. make lots of good food. and baked goods. and crafts.
4. keep the house clean, so it's not stressful for matt... and me.
5. daily Bible time.
6. shower regularly.
7. work out.

i'm doing well on most of my goals. 
numbers 6 and 7 are probably less focused-on goals... but luckily, i hear the next big thing is going to be being dirty and not fit. so i'm just ahead of the game :)

i wanted to have a house that people can just stop by and it's clean.
and when people are coming to visit, i don't have to quickly clean the whole house so they aren't grossed out.
here's how i'm making that happen:

i know. it's ridiculous.
but i'm a little obsessed with it.
it keeps me sane.
and lacking desperation.

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