Wednesday, June 26, 2013


a lot of things put me in a good mood. mostly food related. but also crafts.

here are some of the things happening in my world...

recovering chairs from blue to tan
with my mom's help. this girl doesn't know how to use a staple gun safely.
(matt's parents had this table back when his dad was in residency at u of m. and now we have it and matt's in residency at u of m. love it.)

 the finished product! no wall decor yet, though. we'll get there eventually...

and maps of important life places for our bedroom. 

 a little heart on upland, indiana. 
where we met and fell in love. 
the date is the date we starting dating. 
(date date date. can i say it more?)
 a little heart on mishawaka, indiana. 
where we got married.
 a little heart on grosse pointe woods, mi. 
where we first brought micah home.
these are the shelves above our bed. 
the "e" i'm eventually going to wrap in some kind of yarn. 
so... a work in progress.

and speaking of things that make me happy...
my cheeseball has his own little adirondack chair.
(thanks, grandma and grandpa!)
 don't be confused. he doesn't actually play rugby, as his outfit may cause you to think. because he refuses to crawl. i hear moving is important in sports? i wouldn't know.

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