Friday, November 25, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot... resolutions!
 our new resolution: read more at night. and yes, "the emperor of all maladies" belongs to matt. christmas! 
 check out our decor!

and matt's addition... yikes. thanksgiving! or the day after... my sister-in-law has the pics of the day of (we celebrated with all the ebrights and the marshall clan together!)
 we were waiting in line at target at 2:30, so i made up a game. first, the emotion game...

 then, the grab anything in an aisle and take a funny picture with it.

 my personal favorite.

 at this point, ben and matt forced the game to end... apparently i got tired and not funny.

and then, breakfast at the breakfast club. seriously DELISH.

hope you all had a great thanksgiving!


  1. fun! was that seriously toilet paper in your cart on black friday?!?! :? LOL

  2. haaa... you know my mom... random is her specialty! :)


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