Monday, December 5, 2011

life lately.

well, lately i've been siiiiick. so, life hasn't been too exciting. 

here are a few things that have been going on that may be of interest to others... or maybe not :)

what have i been up to?
well. feeding my dog wet dog food. (that's matt's hand, not mine. just so you know. my hands are crazy, but not quite that manly.)
 she loved it. so much that she destroyed the bowl. looks like she won't be getting wet dog food very often... we don't have a ton of bowls for her to chew up.

we discovered a great coffee shop. finally. it's great. great music, fun drinks, great atmosphere with lots of people who are artsy to the max--you know, lots of rob bell glasses and skinny jeans and colorful hair and such.
late night date to leo's coney island.
for fries and chili dogs.
does not get much classier.

 what a good looking duo we are.
it's probably even classier that we took pictures while there... all the high schoolers were staring at us. whoops.

soon after the fries and chili dog fiasco, we decided we really need to start eating better. laziness and love of food has gotten the best of us.
so, last night i made delicious salads.

and then i found a slightly outdated container of fat free cool whip hanging out at the back of the freezer! 
(august 2011 is close to now, right? come on. frozen food can't go bad... i hope).
low fat cinnamon graham crackers with fat free cool whip shoved in between... frozen a bunch so the cool whip tastes like ice cream. they're seriously amazing.

so, that's my life lately. pretty exciting, right? 
but i sure do love it.
OH. and here's a gem for you:
matt and i wanted a good christmas card photo.
but then we remembered we don't have a lot of money. so we shouldn't get a photographer.
who needs a photographer when you've got a self timer, christmas muumuus, and christmas lights? 
jeez louise. check out this pure holiday joy:

you're welcome :)

oh, and if you didn't get a christmas card from us, it may be in the mail. and if it's not, i'm sorry... again, back to the not a whole lot of money lifestyle. consider this our christmas joy sent to you! 

we have a lot of it... clearly

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  1. i'll accept this electronic christmas joy. made me smile. you guys are hilarious. love the christmas lights.


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