Saturday, October 22, 2011

taylor and fun fall life.

taylor was all i dreamed it would be.

check it out:
 spent a lot of late nights at this place...
 reason number 1 billion i love taylor: they love kashi. i love kashi. match made in heaven.
 alumni license plate covers. doi.
 a ride on a golf cart. beyond thrilled.
 a pickup filled with pop. only at taylor.
 walking campus.
 so many memories. my old room.
 loving life. waiting for ice cream at ivanhoes.
 delish. and WAY too hyper.
 playing games. drinking drinks. loving life.
 happy birthday linds! enjoy your yummy/ugly brownies, over the hill balloons, and whoopie cushion!

and then, matt and i celebrated fall last night...
 perfect evening? i think so.
we love life.


  1. haha, very cute and very random post!

    love the pictures!

  2. i love you and i love your life as much as you do. :) glad you've gotten to do lots of fun things. either way, you find joy in it all anyway. ;)
    you're great.


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