Saturday, October 8, 2011

oh, school year.

here is an ode to school taking up my life:

i sure do love to teach
though there are days i'd rather be at the beach.
if only i still had time in my day
to bake and blog and lay.

school is taking up all my time.
therefore, less time for the important things in life: blogging.

however, a lot has gone on.

check out a fun weekend at artprize in grand rapids:
 apple orcharding.

 arting. (almost like farting, but not.)
 mp3 experiencing.
 carmel appleing.
life is beautiful.

in other news:
i haven't baked anything other than the weekly cookies that matt requires. (it's true, he requires baked goods on a weekly basis. i don't hate it. it means i get to mix things and chomp on cookie dough.)

my extra-time world is consumed with christmas ideas, creations, and bargaining. (don't say it's too early. the earlier, the better the deals. don't test me.)
unfortunately, i can't share such things on here. (because, duh, maybe you're one of the ones getting something from me!

but i can share some fun things i've found:

and those aren't even the best ones... because i'm creating all of those!  so just wait... you'll see the goodness in a few months (and let me tell you, these are good enough that even matt is on board. which is saying something.)

so what else have i been up to?
making lists for christmas.
wanting to take our christmas picture (which will be AWESOME. i planned it out).
wanting to decorate. but not being allowed.
wanting to talk nonstop about christmas.

so, you can see where my mind has been...

joy to the world!

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  1. um - hello! i've been listening to christmas music for the last 2 weeks. we decided we should wait til Nov 1 to put up the tree, at least. and I have all my Christmas lists ready and working.

    i'm an eager beaver!


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