Thursday, October 13, 2011

memory mania.

i'm going to taylor homecoming this weekend.
these 4 girls. loving life once again.

thus, i'm nostalgic.
thinking about the great friends i made at taylor.
thinking about the amazing experiences i had at taylor.
thinking about the great classes i took at taylor.
thinking about how i fell in love at taylor.

and then i couldn't stop remembering.
and then i realized.
6 years ago on october 5, 2005, i had my first kiss. and it happened to be with the guy i married a few years later.
how do i know?
well, i wrote letters to my future husband starting in 2004... so october 11, 2005, i wrote this:

i mean really. can you blame me for the nostalgia?
i realize i'm ridiculously cheesy.
and a hopeless romantic.
but come on. i ended up marrying that guy. it has all the makings of an amazing movie.
and it all happened at taylor.

i don't know if that place is ready for me and all my joy. and memories. it's probable i'll cry at some point.

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