Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FAT tuesday.

fat tuesday.
i have only had a paczi (or however it's spelled... it should be poonch-kee, right?) one time in my life, so i'm not too attached to this day.
i also am far too attached to being the purity police to be into mardi gras.
and... i am not catholic, so i don't have a religious affiliation to this day.

but i love the idea of attempting to better my life by giving up something with the intent of spending more time with the Lord. (in theory, that's what would happen...)

but i am terrible at it.

one year in college, i gave up desserts, and i remember two things vividly about that time:
1. going to the DC and telling matt to let bites of cake and things "fall into my mouth." what could i do at that point??
2. being out really late at night with the hayes house girls, graffitting the bridge. sus and i were the car drivers, and we snacked on coconut hershey kisses until kingdom come, figuring it didn't count since it was four in the morning.

no desserts.
i can do it.
and instead of eating desserts, or when i'm tempted to eat one, i'll attempt to remember to pray instead.
in theory, my life will be much better in 40 days. 

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  1. 1. you’ve only had one paczi in your LIFE?! We used to eat them every year. You’re really missing out.
    2. I SO REMEMBER THAT TIME…you totally cheated via matt.
    3. there were some quality pictures taken of us in the DC that year when we finally ate every dessert possible. Also some quality bridge 4am photos too.
    4. I cried when I read this. Its true. I miss us being on the same continent
    5. I would pay some SERIOUS money for a coconut kiss right about now. Whew. Save some for me please.
    6. what are you going to be doing with your kitchenaid during this season of your life?
    7. you’ll have to make up for lost time post-easter pre-reunification with me, making me everything and more of your goodies I want.
    8. I believe you meant to say your life will be better in 41 days when you are able to eat them again
    9. godspeed. I believe in you.
    10. I realize this is not really a single comment but rather an email…eh, what can you do. We’re oceans apart, what else do you expect?!


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