Sunday, March 13, 2011

a week in the life.

well, this week has been an interesting one. i decided the best way to show how interesting it's been is to take you through a week in my life.
wake up a little too late. go to school. be guest reader for elementary, dressed up as a pirate and read Pirates Don't Change Diapers. (unfortunately, it was all so busy and crazy, i forgot to take a picture! just know i looked awesome).
tutor for a few hours after school. get home. make dinner. 
need to clean bathroom. out of paper towel, so i decide to use a sponge.
TERRIBLE idea. i don't know if you can see how blurry this mirror is, but it's bad news:
so then i bought something to fix the problem...
(i normally love to be green. but how do you clean a mirror without it?)

wake up later than wanted to. again. get to school... ALL DAY FIELD TRIP TO ANN ARBOR HANDS ON SCIENCE MUSEUM.
great trip, but it was a bunch of super-super-excited first graders in a land where they're allowed to touch everything. they loved life. i again don't have a picture, because i feel shady putting pictures of my students up. just know that they loved it.
tuesday night: got home. made dinner. matt told me that he wants to fast from sweets, too, but he doesn't want to start until our church starts--march 14. i tell him i'll do that with him, while simultaneously biting into a sugar cookie. a one day fast did not pan out so well... we'll see how 40 days goes.

school. guatemala meeting during lunch. SO excited. long meetings. small group with high school girls. love them and our discussions.

ALL DAY READ IN. pajamas. blankets. pillows. no chairs or desks all day--all day of reading. i made hot chocolate, we had snacks, we had guest readers, reading buddies, and high school readers.
oh, and susan wonch got her package from my class... which created a bit of excitement.

dress like your favorite character from a book day. translation: Christian school halloween. my students looked awesome and we got to have a parade around the school. later, matt talks about how i have every factor for getting osteoporosis. i don't want my bones to all break, so i buy these:
and because we are about to fast from desserts and sweets, i buy these:
(they're gone). 
i couldn't chance not eating them all.

crazy week, right? add in grad school, night out with friends, both of my parents' birthdays, and tons of prep work... roygbiv. oh, and the cutest dog ever.

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  1. still am not 100% on board with this ROYGBIV business....good choice with the vitamins. pros of living with a doctor and your pro-active/preventative attitude. nice work.
    miss you.


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