Sunday, September 19, 2010

let the great debate end.

my long debate is over.

should i start a blog? do i lead a semi-interesting life?

i decided the answers to both these questions are no, but i'm doing it anyway.

to start things off: my exciting adventure today... WHOLE FOODS.
we got a gift card (thank you) and i went... and splurged.
i was overwhelmed. samples everywhere. pricey food, but i had a gift card. there was no stopping me.

and then, i was standing next to a wall of dried fruits, when i almost ran into someone. 

me: oh, i'm sorry.
him: it's no problem.
me: i'm just SO EXCITED.
him: okay.
me: this place is amazing.
him: okay.

maybe my excitement was ill-placed. i don't think so, though.

the best buy of the day: a liquid, gourmet seasoning for key lime and cilantro shrimp tacos

made them tonight. 
quite a delight.

until later, happy 30th birthday, whole foods. grocery shopping will officially never be the same.


  1. overall, nice work. i can see the flailing arms and the hand on the head due to the height of excitement.
    proud to be your first comment...i expect great things to come of this.

  2. my life is complete now that i get to read a blog from you. i'm pretty stinking excited.


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