Monday, September 20, 2010

current obsessions.

the following are things i currently am obsessed with:

1. this dog. honestly, i feel like she's my child. it's kind of sad, really. but she's truly adorable. don't lie to yourself. your dog can't be cuter.
2. seinfeld. lately, matt and i have been getting back into it. some episodes are lame, sure, but the bulk of them are hilarious. i own several seasons, but hadn't given it much thought as of late.

3. wedding photography. i end up looking at wedding pictures of people i don't know on facebook, then get super upset when the pictures are blocked. for that reason i don't block my pictures. also: i just gave up and google search photographers now. 

4. children when they're upset. a terrible part of me thinks it's adorable when children accidentally hurt themselves and seem to be cured when i kiss my hand and then put the kiss on the hurt part. who knew i had such powers. plus my heart just melts.

5. the new season of shows. office (hopefully it'll be good?). snl. bachelor (holy cow i can't wait for it to start sometime). modern family. excited.

6. the fact that mr. ebright is way cooler than mrs. ebright. this is what my students all told me after he left from visiting today. they were bound to see through me eventually. i'm the geeky one who wants them to love school.

that is all.
enjoy the premiere week.
and envying my dog. (don't worry, she has flaws: she's too fat and tries to lick people's faces).


  1. We've been obsessed with Seinfeld too! that's funny....we watch it like every night! haha

  2. already getting better. and consistent posts. love it.


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