Friday, June 21, 2013

decorating 101.

things i've learned whilst redoing rooms:
1. things always take longer than you expect.
2. things are always more expensive than you expect.
3. expect to go to lowe's a lot. a lot a lot.
4. let go of the idea of perfection if you're going to do it yourself.

things i've learned about houses:
1. carpet in kitchens is not ideal.
2. appliances can be difficult to move. once moved, you want them to stay for a while.
3. i hate bugs. and houses sometimes have them. especially in basements. i saw a millipede. and i nearly peed. 
4. houses can get really dirty. or the people before us lived very dirtily.
5. landscaping is time consuming to keep up.
6. i know nothing about landscaping.
7. i know nothing about most of the things i'm attempting to accomplish in a house.

so, want to see what we're working on?
here are a few rooms we've been spending some time in.

the kitchen before. 
pink paint, box light, giant appliances.
(we've changed the color, the appliances, the light so far... i want that carpet out soon!)
here's where we're at so far...

living room before. 
pink, crazy drape.
here's a little taste of the new living room...
this at least gives a taste of the color! it's now tan. with white trim.
still working on decor... obviously.

before upstairs bathroom.
paint goes a long way. 
both literally and aesthetically.

before main floor bathroom. 
really grimy. and weird yellow (and i love me some yellow).
after! gray saved the day.
before basement.
was dirty and empty.
part of the after. 
this is one part. 
and then the man cave and the revamped storage area and laundry area.

that's all the changes so far. but many more to come! 
bedrooms, formal dining, family room, eat in kitchen. yikes.
owning a house is a lot of work.
plus, come to find out, you have to do outside work as well.

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