Sunday, March 17, 2013


don't worry about it.
i'm hip.
so i use hashtags.
just kidding. 

we had ourselves one exciting day on friday.
match day 2013.

let me explain... match day is when all MD students around the world find out where they "matched" for residency.  meaning they interviewed a bunch of places (hopefully) and the student ranks hospitals and the hospitals rank students. wherever matches--hospital and student--is where you go.

so, on friday we got dressed up and went to motor city casino.
classy, right?
and we were excited...
clover theme. with "W" in each leaf for Wayne State. clever. or clover. 
(nice pun, eh?)
the ballroom was all decorated...

and then they do a program at 11--give out awards, share stats about match day this year all over the country... torturing everyone a little bit.

then, someone is assigned to each table to pass out the envelopes. the students stand, we have a toast, and then at noon... they count down from 10.

and then they open the envelopes crazily.
and find out where everyone's going for the next many years.
for us, it's ann arbor.
u of m.
neurologist matt.
one of six.

ah. let the craziness of moving and changing and starting new begin.
how trendy are we?!

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  1. So exciting!!! I am selfishly thrilled you guys will be so close!!! You are too cool not to see all the time :)


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