Friday, March 29, 2013

26 in all it's glory.

matt just turned 26!
so, here's how we celebrated...

loved on our chunky monkey.
 i made a big breakfast. 
(including bacon for the first time. what a disgusting process.)
 delicious carrot cake.
didn't have time to make one this year... but believe me, this sucker was pretty great.
notice the michigan colors?

 there he is. the old man. 
we also did a lot of other things for his birthday that i didn't document.
like shopping for a new watch!
and pf changs.
 oh, and yep. our son wears overalls now.

happy birthday, matt!

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  1. did we not hear about the big 2-6??? Lol!!! So fun!!! Happy belated birthday Matt!!!


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