Sunday, November 4, 2012

life with child.

life with a child is a lot different than life without, that's for sure.

some things i've realized...
1. i miss being pregnant in no way. being able to sleep on my back is a joy that i previously underrated. being huge and getting stares and comments everywhere is also something i can live without for a while.
2. while babies are predictable, needing very simple things, it's incredible how much time it takes to get those things done. i literally feel that i spend my days feeding him, changing him, and attempting to get him to sleep or keep him awake. 
3. showering + coffee = survival.
4. even though it's tiring and a weird life change, i sure do love him. to the point that thinking about it makes me tear up. oh, which makes me think of another thing i've realized...
5. HORMONES. out of control. yikes for matt... and my parents. whoops.
6. i've come to love ellen.
7. i wish starbucks delivered.

in other news,
i have super fun christmas crafting ideas. but i can't share them. but here are some i'm not using that are awesome!

painted wooden blocks from here

cinnamon stick christmas wreath from here

or a gift i made last year and was my favorite ever...

(look back here to find the tutorial on this sucker...)

and for meals, well, i haven't been cooking a ton, but i have been watching sports with matt. and a commercial had a great recipe!

BBQ chicken crescent rolls
basically, you just make barbeque chicken and roll it up in a crescent roll with a little cheese. cook for 10 minutes at 375, and holy delicious! it's a great cold night meal.

and i have to put up some pictures of the one who i spend all my time with...

 bathtime... hooded towel style. 
(right after we put him in this, he peed all over the place. for the 19538015938 time.)

next blog, i'm going to put up pictures of micah's room. finally.
as if you care. just pretend for me.

also, i'll hopefully make some fun things--baking, cooking, and hopefully crafting!

oh, and one more thing. i've been reading this book on my kindle. and i love it. and you should read it.
jim cymbala is awesome.

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  1. You're realizations are spot on! Also, you look great! Congrats on the little one!


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