Monday, November 19, 2012

easy cooking + decorating.

well, my life has obviously drastically changed.
my world now revolves around a 10 pound (probably more like 11 pound...) human who can't talk to me or interact, but somehow commands all my actions.

thus, i need things to be more simple.
until i figure out how to be more productive.

so, first: a simple and delicious meal. 
have i mentioned that i now love frozen bread dough
because i do. 
cheap. simple. easy to use.
matt and i have discussed me trying to use it for as many meals as possible.
i wouldn't hate that.

check this out: a mix of calzone and stromboli and made up meal.
 oh yum. 
all you do is thaw the bread dough in the fridge overnight, then roll it out, add pepperoni, salami, sauce and cheese.  
seal it back up, put it seal down on a greased pan, egg wash the top, slit it and sprinkle parmesan.  
cook it at 350 for about 35 minutes and it's delicious--and huge!

more easy... christmas decor!
 i'm loving the merry. 
and it was so simple to make. painted letters? thanks pinterest.
and this is the stocking that i splurged on from pottery barn. whoops!
 oh, and this is our christmas tree. 
in front of a big window at the front of the house. 
that's always been a dream of mine--i love trees in front of windows so we can see the tree from the road!

i have to add the matt addition to decorating... lights up the stairs.
i love it when matt adds his touches. 
check out where it's plugged in...ha!

more super easy... micah's room decor!
i didn't want to poke holes in the wall, since it's not our house, so i made these to match his bedding and just used command strips to attach them!
(it's just foam core covered in fabric that's hot glued on, then i painted letters and hot glued them to the fabric!)

oh, and some simple things i'm going to make tomorrow/wednesday/thursday?

simple monkey bread. recipe to come. (thanks pinterest)
simple andes mint cookies. recipe to come. (thanks matt buying andes mints)
huge thanksgiving sugar cookie. recipe's already on my dessert page!

side note: we got micah's newborn shots. crazy cute.
check them out (feel free to judge for how many i put up. i couldn't choose.):

happy thanksgiving, all!

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  1. I love ALL the pics...he is so precious!!!!!! did u hang your stockings??


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