Saturday, October 6, 2012

turning into rachel.

i feel myself slowly turning into rachel...
(watch this.)

and i'm not even late yet.
i'm exaggerating. but really... let's do this thing.
also, that clip is good stuff.

baby things from lately?
our final baby showers...

and an in-class surprise baby shower, complete with a game for the students to play while i opened presents:

we are so thankful!
the baby room is done, but i can't share it until after baby e is born (the room incorporates his name, which is a surprise!)

i made a pack of Bible verse encouragement cards to get myself through labor.
basically, verses about peace and overcoming adversity.

we're all ready, including cloth diapers all good to go. they're just crazy cute. it's out of control.

now i just have to figure out how to get this child out of me.
if anyone would like to do that for me, i'd gladly take it.

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