Sunday, October 14, 2012


welp... still no baby.
i'm getting impatient.

but, to help me get through this waiting game (10 more days until this baby is due, in case anyone's counting...), i've been crafting!

some simple things i've made...
(excuse the terrible picture quality... the good camera is packed and ready for the hospital and i was too lazy to get it out!)
this is a simple craft that turns
 any blanket into a breastfeeding cover
it cost me next to nothing to make and then i can just use whatever blanket is around, much less to worry about! i followed a tutorial from here, but you pretty much just do this:
1. cut a random piece of fabric into about 18 inches by 4-5 inches.
2. iron in half and iron under a 1/4" edge, so that the edges look nice once sewn. i tapered in on both ends about 3 inches from the end.
3. sew all the way around.
4. feed a drapery ring through each end and sew it on.

i bought drapery rings from target for $7, used spare fabric, and made three of these straps! not too shabby. 

pinterest craft, anyone? 
super simple and great--wooden letters, painted, hot glued to ribbon... ridiculously easy, and once they're actually sitting as they should be (these are clearly not spaced... i just put them up there to show what they will eventually look like), very merry.

i bought the letters from just over $1 each, ribbon for about $3, total of $8 (minus my teacher discount at michaels!)

other dream crafts i'm getting to?
-scrapbooking for baby.
-lots and lots of diy christmas gifts.
-a christmas wreath.

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