Sunday, September 16, 2012

the pre-baby life.

pre-baby life has been interesting (that's a relative term)...
trying to live up (again, relative term.) every moment while still preparing to be parents.

weird balance.
here are some things we've done lately...
 first sam's club stock up.
so much toilet paper, detergent, and lunch foods. so much cheaper in the long run.
 tigers game.
 duh. super rope.
 duh again. hot dog.
 with my parents. but most of the time, they had their eyes open...
 labor class at the hospital.
 walks to the lake... gorgeous, right?

 baby shower with youth group girls!
and mother in law, the great hostess :)

crazy lifestyle, right?
we've also had a lot of fun dating and with friends... while we are still not tied down. but people make me not take lots of pictures. because then i'd look creepy. these people are matt.

there is more. i've been crafting. but since the baby's name is a secret, i can't show it off quite yet...

just you wait.

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