Sunday, September 16, 2012

for the love of food.

check it out.
i told you i'd make a few new meals.
it took a while, but it happened.
 fish tacos.
find the recipe here.
these were my alterations: 
-i used frozen tilapia and thawed it first.
-i used regular romaine that i cut thinly.
-i used waaaay less mayo and a lot more cilantro, plus a little taco seasoning.

 french toast. everyone makes it and eats it. nothing special. but yum.
 best pancakes EVER. 
cinnamon chips + banana. seriously. incredible.
 and shrimp pasta. find the recipe here...
my alterations:
-no tomato (we're not fans.)
-less spinach.
-frozen shrimp (just thaw before)
-dried herbs, rather than fresh--just be careful how much you use :)
-no lemon zest (i forgot to buy an actual lemon), so just a squirt of lemon juice instead for the shrimp.
crazy good.


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