Saturday, August 25, 2012

we borrowed a house.

kind of like "we bought a zoo"... anyone?

it's true, though.
we're borrowing a house for the year. and it's not awful.
by not awful i mean incredible.
take a peek at a few of the finished areas 
(i haven't completely put together the living room, baby room, or our room).
 our screened in porch...
 a backyard! 
 my crafting area.
 our kitchen. 

 the ping pong table room.
the basement mancave-ish area.
bailey's bed i made yesterday 
(for record prices--got all the supplies for two dog beds for $10! the joann fabric app for iphone is incredible--tons of coupons!)

 top 10 lessons i've learned about being in a house:
1. it can be overwhelming to have so much space.
2. three bathrooms is a lot of toilet paper.
3. cleaning is going to have to be constant.
4. try not to use air conditioning to save money.
5. bailey wants to be outside constantly.
6. fill up extra rooms with baby things.
7. trash gets gross (gross is an understatement) after a week of accumulating before pickup when you first move in and have a lot of trash...
8. when watering grass, set a timer to know when to shut the sprinkler off.
9. comcast is the worst.
10. garages are great, but difficult to maneuver for those who are afraid of backing cars up (that would be me.)

so, that's that! we're in a house and loving life.
the plan: use the space as wisely as possible by having friends over as frequently as possible.

i have a feeling this year will be bringing a lot of baked goods and dinners, with that kitchen!


  1. Steph, could you do a DIY for the dog bed? We pay far too much for ours and amber just paws them apart...would love to make one!

  2. By the way, I am FINALLY a diva and it's changed my life.

    1. oh my gosh. i'm so proud of you for being a diva. you'll never go back. and yes! i'll make one asap :). hope you and dave are doing well!

  3. Nice house! Congrats!

    You mentioned Comcast, I work for Comcast. How can I help?

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations


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