Monday, August 27, 2012

a mix of things...

quick dog bed tutorial, per request.
i'm not fancy.
so this is wildly simple...
1. buy two different heavy fleece fabrics (i bought .875 yards of each and it was enough for two dogs beds for a 30... should be 25... pound dog). never buy it on sale-joann has an app that gives coupons!
2. simply sew them together (and obviously, leave an opening to put stuffing in) and stuff, then hand sew the edge shut! i'm sure there are more complicated ways to make it happen, but i did super easy style and it words great.  i just make sure to buy stuffing that is not the softest, so it'll last longer.

the pictures of the math program for school:

i'm going to actually make creative foods again. on the docket for this week:
-fish tacos.
-shrimp and spinach angel hair pasta.
i'll be sure and update as to how they go.

i feel like i'm getting back into the real world, with grad school a-l-m-o-s-t over. hallelujah!

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