Saturday, June 9, 2012

funny date nights.

we've had a lot of fun lately...

first, a concert.
the shins.
twas wonderful!

before the concert, waiting in line...
with mediterranean food. 

mine made a terrible mess. on the ground. waiting in line.
disaster zone.

 never have i seen so many hipsters in one place. 
the concert was incredible!

 very dark picture of us, yes.

 and then, a gift card date night!
 first, bd's mongolian grill.
perfect situation for a pregnant woman = all you can eat food.

 and then, seeing the intouchables at the art theater in downtown royal oak.
really, really incredible movie.
but funny story: we were the youngest ones there by about 40 years. the couple in front of us literally turned on their hearing aids before the movie started (and the movie was all subtitled, anyway!). then, a phone went off during the movie... the person realized after it was done ringing, said, "i think that's my phone," and proceeded to flip it open and push random buttons. then, in the bathroom there was a giant line of older women, only to find out that they weren't aware there were two lines of bathroom stalls.

great movie, great situation. haa.

unrelated, but some cute baby boy things from lately...
baby toms! hello, this is my dream come true!

and baby boy doctor. haa!


  1. um did you get those baby toms?? my favorite thing in the whole world, holy cow. I'm so excited so excited! boys are so fun. how cute is he gonna be!?!?!

    so many fun things to do. going to be a FUN summer!!!

    1. it's true. baby boy toms. i can't freaking wait!


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