Saturday, June 9, 2012

end of an era.

an era just ended.
or just a school year.
whatever. i'm not dramatic.

here are some highlights:
 i have the students sit in a circle and write kind things about each other, passing papers in a circle. so, so sweet! then, i put them on construction paper and use as part of our "Mrs. Ebright Awards."

(Mrs. Ebright awards is when all the parents/grandparents/siblings come and I give awards and gifts to each student to celebrate the school year!)
 pajama/popcorn/movie day.
pillows, blankets, food, and movies... talk about loving life at school!
a fun gift idea:

i give a gift that has a poem i wrote (i love cheesy poems) along with this:

A hershey kiss to remember you're loved,
Smarties to remember how much of a smarty you are,
A pencil to remember there's always more to learn,
An eraser to remember that it's okay to make mistakes,
And a penny to remember good sense.

I put all the stuff in a bag, attach the poem and this little saying... along with a framed picture of me with each student and a note written on the back of a frame!  it's a great little first grade memory :)

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