Thursday, June 21, 2012


matt and i have been doing a lot of dating lately. 
check it out.
 fun random spot in berkley... amazing pizza!
 we sat outside... it was like a little garden randomly?
 voted best gourmet pizza. we agree.
 old fashioned ice cream place post-pizza.
 oh, and we dated and went registering.
turns out it's kind of overwhelming/stressful... but we battled through.
thanks, 4 hours at buybuybaby, an hour at target, and several hours on amazon. jeez.
another awesome date?
moonrise kingdom at the art theater.
great movie.
yeah, i know.
we're becoming movie snobs.
i don't hate it.

summer fever has officially hit. 
and we don't want to do work. 
we just want to hang out.

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