Tuesday, April 24, 2012

earth day 2012!

so, i thought this year for earth day, i needed to play it up.
i love the earth.
i got 5 copies of this book--Ready, Freddy--Save the Earth.

in it, it lists 10 things that they do to save the earth.  if they do all ten, they are part of the "green team."

i am reading this book with my a reading group that has some difficulties at times (it's more or less at their instructional level--i know, it's exciting stuff.)

i had them present the information to the rest of the class and i typed up the ten things for them to do at home over the weekend, as our Earth Day challenge.
all but one student completed the challenge and earned their place on the "Green team."  I made Earth Day 2012 necklaces for everyone who got it.

they were so excited, they wore them all day and spent the whole recess picking up trash.
it was adorable.

so then, i was reading one of my favorite blogs, and she's selling a unit doing the EXACT SAME THING.
i think i have finally arrived.
i'm officially a real-life teacher.

i'm so proud.
i know Jesus wants me to be humble.
so give me a moment.

check out her blog on it (she's awesome, by the way)

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