Monday, February 20, 2012

the name of last week: surprises.

surprise #1:
valentine's notes left in the bathroom.

surprise #2:
matt, in scrubs, surprised me at school with flowers...
and toms flats! (hey-yo. these are incredible!)

surprise #3:
an attack of things to help matt study when he came home from work.
(on account of his life not being ideal right now... crazy studying.)

surprise #4:
 stole matt's car while he was on call at the hospital.
took it to best buy.
got a CD player put in (he didn't even have a working tape player).

made a card while i was waiting.
 and left a card from me, matt's parents, and my parents for him to stumble upon when he got off call. 
(i even managed to find the same parking spot to leave the car at!)

we love surprises.


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