Monday, February 13, 2012

mini lasagna cupcakes... heaven in a muffin tin.

holy yum.
i got the idea from pinterest--apparently everyone's making these.
(on a side note, pinterest has provided me the opportunity to never again be creative... it's a bittersweet situation for me.)

but, i don't like most things in lasagna. so i made it my own!

steps to make the ricotta-all-gross-things-free lasagna cupcakes.

1. pam that sucker.
2. one wonton wrapper/1/2 of an egg roll wrapper.
3. scoop of homemade meat sauce.
4. scoop of chopped spinach.
5. sprinkle of dried basil.
6. pinch of mozzarella.
7. sprinkle of parm.
8. another wonton wrappe/1/2 of an egg roll wrapper.
9. pinch of mozzarella.
10. scoop of homemade meat sauce.
11. sprinkle of parm.
12. sprinkle of dried basil.
13. spray a little pam on the tops to keep them from burning.

at about 350 for 10 minutes or so.

i'm not kidding.
these are incredible.

make them.


  1. Whaaa???? These look amazing! I will be making them very soon!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! They're pretty dang good :)


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