Sunday, February 5, 2012

my version of super bowl.

here's my version of the super bowl:

(first as a disclaimer: we didn't go anywhere fun on account of the tons of work we both have... lame? yes. the list below makes me no less lame.)

1. watch puppy bowl. (seriously, SO funny.)
2. watch commercials. wait for hunger games.
watch it here!
3. make fun food. 
southwestern egg rolls.

i followed a recipe from here with a few alterations...
-no onion (we aren't onion fans)
-slightly less cheese... for my stomach's well being.
-no foil on baking sheets--just sprayed with a little pam.
-i cilantro-ed the trash out of them. we love us some cilantro.
-used egg roll wrappers and jam packed them (because we ate them as a meal), so the recipe will only make about 15 egg rolls.

mexiranch dipping sauce.
1 part ranch to about 4 parts salsa. as easy as that. and SO, so good.

4. craft a teeny bit. for a nephew's first birthday!

not too exciting, but being that i don't understand football, i consider this a win.


  1. I love your use of "trash" in these posts. KILLS ME. I can practically hear your voice out loud! Ha!

  2. haaa! wait. do you mean everyone doesn't say trash all the time?! :)


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