Saturday, December 11, 2010

week of activities!

normally, my life is somewhat boring. but this past week, i've been quite a busy beaver!  here's the rundown of the fun things that happened this week:

susan came to visit!! we went downtown to pizzapapolis (she has the pictures of that, though...), made puppy chow, watched friends, and made the first fire we've ever made in our fireplace!
there she is. we did have a minor issue with not knowing if the chimney was open or closed... we accidentally filled our apartment with smoke and matt had to reach through FLAMES to save us all from carbon monoxide poisoning. okay, i'm exaggerating, but to a lesser degree, this all happened.

the next day, susan became miss susan and came to my school. the students LOVED her and asked her all kinds of questions about being a missionary.  however, the question that got the most response?

student: what's your favorite color?
susan: green
class: EXPLODED WITH NOISE. one girl yelled: my uncle's favorite color is GREEN! 

that's first grade for you. twas glorious.


matt and i never win things.

and matt won two tickets to a redwings game.
fourth row.

now, the redwings lost.
but we won.

we were on the jumbotron FOUR SEPARATE TIMES. i kid you not. we're famous. the camera guy was near us videoing the game, and he kept filming us. i'd like to think it's because we're hilarious. but it may be because we're ridiculous. i take it back. i'm okay with ridiculous.

here we are!
 what's a game without a hot dog? it was $1 hot dog night. we took advantage.

 there it is. my first time!

 free calendar night, too! chaaaa-ching.

that's how close we were. no joke. glorious.

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