Saturday, December 11, 2010


well, it's blog update time... i haven't had much free time lately, so here's to a massive catchup!

last weekend, we had a small group girl's retreat... just for our small group of sophomore girls.  we ended up having 7 girls go on the trip, me and my co-leader, rachel, and a WHOLE LOT of luggage and food.

we borrowed a 12 passenger van and a family's 2nd gigantic house out past lansing, and went retreating!

it turned out to be an incredible weekend.  we did a lot of hanging out, but some organized activities, like the following... 
 we gave the girls a bunch of ingredients, and they had to work together to make us all dinner and dessert on saturday night. they did an amazing job!

we also did a lot of Bible reading and deep discussion... but i don't have pictures of that stuff :)

it was SO good for me, too... i feel like i really got to know these girls! 


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