Saturday, December 11, 2010

season's eatings.

today was baking day.
like crazy.
matt was gone all day, so i made it happen.

first, i made some cookie mixes to give as gifts. check them out:

 the inside of the tag.

 the finished products, pre-tagging.

 close up. they're ball jars that my mom let me have. fun, huh? authentically old and everything. don't worry, i cleaned them out first.

with tag. done deal.

then, i began the baking. i'm going to give cookies to coworkers, so i thought i should have a theme for the cookies... like i couldn't combine peanut butter cookies with sugar cookies in the same bag. so my theme? cinnamon. who doesn't like cinnamon?

here's my snickerdoodle recipe and here's my cinnamon pinwheel recipe.

 the bins of finished snickerdoodles, waiting to be packed into bags.

 finished cinnamon pinwheels. not as good as what the picture on real simple looks like, but they taste amazing, so i'll survive.

 bags of pinwheels ready to go.

 the dough was complicated. i kept having to re-roll them on the cookie sheet. but here they are.


at that point, i was on a roll.
so i decided that i was going to plan a whole week's meals, incorporate new recipes, and stick to it... buying groceries for those things only.

tonight's meal was a new recipe: chicken pot pie. matt loves it, i'm not generally a huge fan... therefore, it has never made an appearance. 

but. i did it. and here it is.

surprisingly good!

as a side note, bailey likes to be near whoever is home. since i was in the kitchen all day, this is how she laid, right at the edge of the kitchen.
just try and tell me there's a cuter dog in this world. it's not possible.

baking day was a success! i wish every day was baking day... i can't get enough. but alas, i would weigh a trillion pounds. i have no self control. eh, what can you do.

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