Friday, January 9, 2015

my world.

things that make my world go round right now?

-micah trying to whisper. it takes every fiber of his being and half the words end up a yell, the other half a whisper.
-jack laughing. i could listen to it all day. so i do every ridiculous thing you can think of to get it to happen. his favorite? me working out in front of him. lunges make the kid giggle. it's probably my form or my panting.
-micah jumping. he just learned to jump (i realize it's a bit late, but he's half me, so that's not surprising) and does it everywhere. we. go. today? we went to red robin for dinner. he jumped all the way to the booth. and then stood next to it jumping, waiting for every waitress to see and comment.
-jack sleeping in his CRIB and doing an okay job... we've got a way to go, but baby steps!
-micah somersaulting. it's just too good. oh, and his dancing when we give him headphones. really, most things he does kind of kill me.
-micah's funny phrases, like "that's ridiculous, mommy. too ridiculous." and counting to "twenty-ten," which is thirty.
- micah singing... "He's got the whole world in His hands, He's got micah james ebright in His hands, he's got baby jack marshall ebright in His hands, he's got mommy and daddy and bailey the dog in His hands."
-french press coffee. always and forever. used in place of sleep.
-gilmore girls. why and how did i miss it in the 90's?! and can luke and lorelai just fall in love already?
-patterned socks. i'm late to the game, but i'm no longer an only-white-sock-wearing gal.

here are some random pictures from the holiday season...
(to recap for my own memory later: we spent thanksgiving with the ebrights and i forgot to take pictures... extended marshall family christmas... our little family christmas when matt was actually home... christmas eve/day with my parents and brother/sister-in-law... ebright family christmas a few days later!) 

 we celebrated my brother's birthday with the 
worst cake writing in the history of cakes. 
i mean really. 
look at that. 
the cake decorator didn't even cross the t.
 these two are starting to love each other.
 and wear matching pjs.
 we had real christmas, and we hosted!
 so we broke out the fine china for the first time. ever. 
 micah looking like a rockstar. that's his guitar face.
 these two. plus my feet.
 jack's favorite location to sleep:
in my arms. 
snuggled in my armpit. 
owning me by grabbing onto my shirt for dear life.
 we got a date!
 and a family date!
have i mentioned he's getting cute? ugh. i'm obsessed.

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