Sunday, January 18, 2015

3 months.

jack's been alive for 3 months. micah's been a big brother for 3 months. and we finally feel like we may be getting a teeny bit of normalcy around here? 
i shouldn't say that out loud.

we took some 3 month pics of jack... ah, this kid.
we're addicted.

to compare, here's micah at 3 months:
and micah now?

looking like a little boy. saying things like...

"i like my new shirt. like my gray shoes, not my new shoes. like chocolate cookie more than cookie with frosting. pants feel awesome. like your shirt, mommy. like the color! wear red shoes today, mommy? want abc noodles for lunch today. jack puke everywhere. yucky puke."
basically, lots and lots of opinions. on everything.

and officially memorizing every book we have and reading them on his own, somehow remembering which words go on which pages?! it's soo fun to watch.

big kid outfit. 
and finally big enough to do fun things like gymnastics open gym!
and just a few more of baby brother. because. come on.

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