Thursday, February 13, 2014

ready or not!

i'm finally packed.
and have micah all packed up.
lists for everything my parents will need to take care of him.
meals for matt in the freezer.
notes for each day i'm gone.
a valentine's gift from micah and i to matt.
and then one from me to matt.

i am so excited to just be myself for the next week for maybe the last time in a reaaaaally long time.
to be a short term missionary. a tourist. a leader.

to madrid i go!
8 days. lots of evangelism. and a bit of sightseeing. hopefully a little speaking spanish.
i've got books on the kindle, podcasts on the iphone, and paper ready to play a lot of MASH.
oh, wait. i'm going with high schoolers who weren't born in the 80's.
here's for hoping that i don't just spend my time missing matt, micah, and bailey.

prepare yourselves for an overload of pictures upon my return!

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