Friday, October 18, 2013

time. flies.

i've always thought time was crazy.
and then time really got crazy...

365 days.
some days, i functioned in terms of nap. "made it to morning nap. yes. now afternoon nap. phew."
other days, i thought, "oh, man. it's already bed time."
a few days i didn't get to see him a lot.
most recent days we're together a ton.
i've changed a lot of diapers. cloth ones.
i've endured a lot of crying. with and without reason.

i've had my heart melted. a lot.
smiles. giggles. farts. (come on, i haven't matured.)

and all of the sudden, my little baby is one!

just wait, his birthday party is next weekend :)

one year ago...

also, watch the video!

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