Tuesday, October 29, 2013

micah's birthday bash.

taking a balloon theme to the max.
on a minimum budget.
though if time was money... let's not talk about that.

12 helium balloons.
about a billion regular ones.
homemade bunting. 

homemade cake pops. 
(in lieu of a goodie bag, on a foam "cloud", along with balloons and a decorated pumpkin!)

balloon poster. with his month-by-month stats. 
if you look closely, in the picture, he's got a hot air balloon basket next to him! 
homemade birthday cake. with balloons. made with the help of a friend who also makes amazing cakes as her side business.

the kids decorated pumpkins in a mess-free manner.
 and everyone wrote notes in micah's birthday book! 
let the party begin!
we survived a year!
and so did he!

cake smash. 
i'm a little obsessed with these. 
suit and tie, justin timberlake?
i beg to differ.
diaper and tie.

 (that's his birthday plate hidden under the smash cake!)

happy birthday, micah!
it could be said that i enjoyed planning your party more than you could have enjoyed the actual party.

everyone wins.

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