Monday, September 23, 2013

flip flopping life.

our lives have been flip-flopped.
matt's working nights... so we never get to hang out.
so, to take up time at night, i've been...

-making christmas presents (i know, it's ridiculous).
-creating decorations for micah's first birthday party... check out one of the many:

one of my friends had made an alphabet book for her daughter, so i took the idea to make one for micah's first birthday!

i've been playing with this little guy. and that chunky dog.

 baby shower! for my college roommate! joy.

dinner out with friends. learning the world of ann arbor.

baking. the best blueberry muffins ever. check out the recipe here.

grandparent time.

spending a few random moments together. date night.

friends from out of town!

 fun dish--sausage, peppers, rotel, egg noodles, monterrey jack cheese. mmmmm.

only a few more days and life will go back to more normal!

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