Monday, August 19, 2013


we've been eating like kings over here.

pasta with chicken, lemon, & white wine.
incredible! from here

 texas sheet cake.
huge cake, you say? 
you won't think so once you start eating it.
from here.

we made caramel popcorn. 
i started by following a recipe on pinterest, but the recipe was crazy and couldn't be right.

so here's what i did...
bowl with 1/4 cup butter or so and 1/2 cup brown sugar--melt it in the microwave (about a minute or so).
then, add a huge handful of mini marshmallows (mini ones melt better/quicker)
microwave until they inflate (careful, they can explode and make a huge mess if you cook too long!)
then, mix it together and pour over bowl of popcorn... mix together and love life.

a glorious potato salad.
that sadly got splattered across a road.
i swear i said, "matt, i'll buckle micah in, you grab the potato salad" (it was on top of the trunk).
matt swears i never said any of that.
we turn a corner. hear a loud crash. and i yelled, "the potato salad!!"
we'll never know the truth.
thus, we only got to try it. but it was crazy good.

here's the recipe... i changed a few things: i used parsley and rosemary and used apple cider vinegar... no shallots (didn't have any on hand!)

what else have we been up to?

hanging out with family... (all the Ebright grandkids!)

 making decorations... 
 (spraypainted piece of wood with painted words)


and hanging out with this little boy.
spending a lot of time at his favorite place... the pool.

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