Friday, July 20, 2012

anni. numero tres.

we've been married three years.
i know, it went fast for you too, right?

well... three years ago was a pretty wonderful day. my favorite, i'd say.
a lot of joy, right?
luckily, three years later, we are wildly more mature.
oh, wait.
maybe not.

but we love each other, love life together, and love Jesus.
that's good enough, right?

just so it's common knowledge, we have officially deemed this coming year as quite possibly the best year ever.
oh, just let me tell you.

moving to a house. 
(oh, yeah, we're moving to a house in three weeks! 
thanks to great friends who have to temporarily move!)
living in grosse pointe with friends and family near.
matt's laid back year of medical school.
i finish grad school in a month.
the excitement of interviews and preparing for residency.

our last year in d-town will be the best yet.
i can feel it.

oh, and we did celebrate a bit this year :)
 fancy dinner at a fun restaurant.

 bought a new car. (to us).
that's actually unrelated, but it sounds good, right?
 saw batman at midnight. and i stayed awake.

and next weekend, after matt's next board exam, we're having a mini vacation to ludington beach! yeshhhh. 

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